1. Once the dough has been kneaded and becomes a homogenous mixture, if a brocha is required it should be said and then a small piece (the size of an average olive) should be taken off the dough.
  2. If the Challah was separated after the flour and water were mixed but before it was properly kneaded, the separation is valid after the fact.
  3. The brocha to be recited  is:
  4. The person separating the Challah should then say: "This is Challah".
  5. The brocha is made by each mashgiach only once per working session. Accordingly, it should be said on the first batch of dough.
  6. Once the Challah has been taken no flour should be added to the dough in the first instance.  Therefore It is recommended to have in mind when separating the Challah that this act should also cover any flour or additive added to the dough afterwards.  This stipulation will then cover,for example, any flour later sprinkled on the kneading board or counter.