If one forgot to separate Challah

  1. If Challah was not separated before baking, then it must be done afterwards with a brocha where applicable.
  2. If some of the baked goods have already left the premises, contact the Rabbinic Board of Kosher Australia. Use the following formula only if so instructed:
    "I am about to separate this piece of dough as challah for everything here as well as for anything else that has already been mixed or baked in this bakery and has not yet had Challah separated. This applies to all that is still in existence anywhere and also for whatever may have already been eaten".
  3. Challah cannot be taken on Shabbos, therefore if one forgot to separate Challah and only remembered on Shabbos - outside of Israel (where taking of Challah is a Rabbinical ordinance) the bread may be eaten but a piece should be left over and then, after Shabbos, a piece of that left over bread should be separated as Challah that covers all the bread that was originally obligated in Challah.  In Israel (where the law of Challah is of Biblical origin) this leniency cannot be relied on.  The bread cannot be eaten until after Shabbos when, only then can a piece be separated as Challah.)