Our History

Kosher Australia (previously Melbourne Kashrut) was formed in 1994 from an amalgamation of Mizrachi Kashrut and Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick's Kashrut activities. Since then our responsibilities have continued to expand with an ever-increasing number of businesses and services seeking our hashgacha.

Kashrus in Australia

Kosher Australia is a member of the Association of Kashrus Organizations www.akokosher.org.

Some highlights include:

1968: Mizrachi Kashrut is founded as a communal body for kosher supervision.

1978: Mr Kasriel Oliver, accepts position as senior Investigating Chemist.

1994: Organisation renamed Melbourne Kashrut in recognition of the increased activities.

1997: Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick is appointed Rabbinic Administrator.

1999: Kosher Food Guide becomes national, used across Australia.

2000: Adoption of the Mehadrin Standard as set by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (OU), a standard that now applied to all our certificates.

2003: All local Kosher caterers use Melbourne Kashrut for certification. Provides certification to companies on the U.S mainland.

2004: Melbourne Kashrut changes its name to Kosher Australia.