Kosher Australia

Accepted by consumers and Rabbis worldwide, including USA, UK, SA and Israel

Why Kosher Australia?

Client Services

Kosher Australia goes beyond the certification process. Our support team answer questions from clients and consumers both on the phone and via social media almost 24 hours a day, allowing for veritable two-way communication in a seamless and real time manner.


The Kosher Australia team is a professional and experienced one, including skilled food technologists and chemists, client managers as well as a large administrative base, who are readily available to work together with you and to service your company promptly and courteously.

Consumer Preferred Agency in Australia

Kosher Australia is widely recognised by consumers as the foremost and most trusted Kosher Certification body in Australasia. With over 14,500 products under supervision, our open channels of communication and dedicated staff, Kosher Australia is the first place consumers will look when searching for Kosher products.

Certification Process

For your benefit, Kosher Australia’s certification process has been made as simple as possible and can now be completed in three easy steps.

Kosher Market

14,500 Kosher Products in Australia

The Kosher Market is growing rapidly in Australia. Since 2003, the number of local manufacturers certified in Australia has increased from 50 to 500 and the number of products from 300 to over 14,000. In the last year alone, more than 1,000 products have become Kosher certified.

$400m Australian Retail revenue

The Australian Jewish community numbers approximately 150.000 people or 30.000 households, located mainly in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and other capital cities. Surveys show that 48% of all Jews are either strictly Kosher or will select Kosher if given the option, representing a turnover of over $400 million per annum.


1.1 Million Preferentially Kosher Australian Consumers

The total market for those who may preferentially select Kosher products in Australia exceeds 1.1 million. This market includes the 200,000 strong Jewish population of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Moslem, Hindu and Buddhist markets which number over 700,000 who will also select Kosher products if the option is available.

Added Value to Product

A January 2014 Australian Food News article reported that Kosher was the most sought after description on new products in the USA, and the Australian market has recently followed suit. Due to the rigorous auditing methods, Kosher products are widely viewed by consumers as being safer, of a higher food quality, more healthy and of a more transparent nature in terms of its ingredients.


What Is Kosher?

Find out what the term 'Kosher' really means, including laws, practices and procedures