Combining Batches

  1. If a number of different batches of dough are placed in one container and each on their own did not require Challah to be taken and each batch was made using the same recipe and each batch was made from the same type of flour and where the combined batch contained a combined total of at least 10 cups of flour,  then Challah must be taken while all the dough is in the same container or when they are all placed in such a manner that all the pieces are touching each other. 
  2. There is no obligation to purposely combine these dough for the purpose of taking Challah.
  3. A flat tray does not qualify as a container, but a tray with an upward lip does.
  4. For this purpose of combining different batches, covering all the batches of dough with one cloth can also be considered as combining them and only one piece of Challah need be taken for all the batches – whether each batch on its own requires Challah to be taken or each batch on its own would not require Challah to be taken but the combined batch does.
  5. The same rules regarding combining dough can be used to take one piece of Challah for a number of batches of dough that are large enough on their own to otherwise require Challah to be taken from each separately .
  6. If one piece of Challah was taken from a combined batch of separate pieces of the same type of dough, each of which is large enough to require Challah being taken individually, but where they were not in the same container or covered by the same cloth, then it is not required to separate Challah from each batch separately if they were at least in close proximity to each other and the person had all batches in mind when the original piece of Challah was separated