After the Taking of Challah and disposing of the Challah

  1. The piece of dough separated as Challah is considered “holy” and may not be eaten or used for any other purpose but must be disposed of in a “dignified” manner.
  2. It may not be thrown out in the garbage in the first instance.
  3. The general custom is to burn the separated piece of Challah. However as it is forbidden to be used it may not be burned in a kosher oven as the oven would then become forbidden by the Challah burnt in it. If the only place suitable to burn the Challah is a kosher oven then it must be wrapped in silver foil prior to the burning so that it does not come in contact with the oven itself. It should not be burnt while other food items are in the same oven. Once the Challah is completely burnt it may then be disposed of in a regular manner.
  4. If it is not possible to burn the Challah as described above then it may be well wrapped in a secure double wrapping (e.g. a strong plastic bag within another  strong plastic bag) and then disposed of in a regular manner. However care should be taken to ensure that the Challah will remain always within the confines of the double wrapping. If there is any chance that the covering will be destroyed and the Challah exposed to other garbage, or if there is a chance that the Challah will be unwrapped and subject to misuse  then it should not be disposed of in this manner.
  5. If Mashgichim cannot dispose of the Challah as mentioned above they should organise to bring the separated pieces to the Kosher Australia office for proper disposal.