Utensils Requiring Tevilah With A Blessing

  1. Utensils made of metal (including stainless steel, gold, silver, brass, copper, iron and tin) or utensils made of glass (including crystal, pyrex, duralex and corelle) that have direct contact with food during preparation, serving or eating, require tevilah with a brochah (blessing). These include all forms of cutlery, kettles, pots and pans (including their lids) mincers, colanders and graters that are made of metal; all-metal vegetable peelers and tongs; barbeque grates or plates; toaster-oven and griller racks, and all varieties of glass cups and dishes.
  2. At least one major authority questions whether aluminium comes under the general category of metal that requires tevilah. Most authorities do however consider aluminium as a true metal and rule that it should be immersed with a blessing. Your Rav should be consulted regarding the particular ruling accepted in your community. In case of doubt, aluminium utensils should be immersed but without a brochah or preferably should be immersed together with other vessels that require a brochah.
  3. Equipment and attachments supplied with ovens, refrigerators and electrical appliances, which are made of metal or glass and generally come in direct contact with food, require tevilah with a brochah. These include metal ice-makers; grilling pans and racks; baking pans or trays; toaster-oven racks, metal or glass mixing bowls; other mixers or “kitchen-whiz” attachments, such as beaters and blades, which are used, even occasionally, in direct contact with edible foods.