Kosher animals (see meat section) must be:

  • Slaughtered in a prescribed manner by a trained ritual slaughterer (“shochet”) and checked for diseases.
  • The meat must then undergo a deveining, soaking and salting procedure to remove the blood (“Koshering”).
  • The entire procedure must be performed under the supervision of a trusted Rabbinic supervisor (“mashgiach”).

Certain foods must have been prepared in whole or in part by Jews, including:

  • Wine, grape juice and other grape-derived drinks (stam yenam)
  • Certain cooked foods (bishul akum)
  • Cheese (gvinas akum) and according to some also butter (chem'as akum)
  • According to many: certain dairy products (cholov akum)
  • According to some: bread (under certain circumstances)